All Your Favorite Weed References in One Glorious Supercut

Turns out, the American motion picture and music recording industry loves weed just as much the rest of us do. For more than 60 years, weed's been getting name-dropped in pop culture—from early propaganda videos like Reefer Madness to more recent celebrations of stoner culture like Half Baked. Eclectic method… »4/18/14 12:00am4/18/14 12:00am

A Delightful Supercut of Movie Characters Abusing Broken Tech

Scoff as we may, we've all been there before. One of your gadgets starts acting up and, even though you know it's wrong, banging on it with your fists just feels so right. Why, even TV and movie people do it—a lot, actually. Vimeo user Duncan Robson was kind enough to round up the best belligerent-tech-smashing-clips… »9/24/13 4:20pm9/24/13 4:20pm

The Ultimate Supercut of Hollywood Stars Falling Through Space

How does the saying go? "A journey of a thousand vertical feet begins with a single step?" Hollywood has certainly taken that maxim and run with it, regularly incorporating vertigo-inducing shots into modern films. The editing team at Plot Point Productions has assembled more than 50 examples of people falling… »9/12/13 5:20pm9/12/13 5:20pm