DC's Chinese Superman Will Be Joined By a Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman, Too

Strange things are happening to Superman in DC’s comics. The current Superman is dying, and not only will he be replaced by the Superman of DC’s old continuity, but his powers will be diffused into many other people: including a Chinese man named Kenan Kong. But Kenan’s not going to be alone in his fight for justice.


Captain America: Civil War Could Have a Massively Important Luke Cage Easter Egg

We could still be getting more solo Superman movies soon. Meet some brand new Star Trek aliens. The producers of Arrow tease tonight’s big death reveal. There’s more fallout from The Walking Dead’s controversial finale, Plus, the return of Salem, and hopes for Supergirl season two. Behold, Spoilers!

What the Hell Is DC Comics' Rebirth, Anyway? (Updated!)

This week everything changes for the DC comics universe again... kind of. All the talk of DC Rebirth lately—especially the recent news about events kicking off this new story—might have you a bit unsure of what’s ahead for Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and friends. But don’t worry! We’re here to explain exactly…