How NASA's Supercritical Wings Save Airlines Millions Every Year

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, aviation engineers struggled to overcome an important issue: That planes became increasingly difficult to control, the closer they got to the sound barrier. It wasn't until NASA strapped a pair of custom-made wings onto this fighter that supersonic flight became not just feasible, but… » 3/17/14 11:40am 3/17/14 11:40am

The First Supersonic Private Jet Has Huge Screens Instead of Windows

Windows are kind of a drag for airplanes—literally. They add extra weight, weaken the body, and generally slow the aircraft down. That's why the new Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet won't have any. Instead, passengers get to enjoy their sky-high surroundings on real-time, panoramic video screens. » 2/18/14 6:26pm 2/18/14 6:26pm

Spectacular photos of SpaceShipTwo breaking the sound barrier

SpaceShipTwo just finished its third rocket-powered test and reached the highest altitude its ever been at 71,000 feet by hitting a maximum velocity of Mach 1.4. You can see the new reflective coating on the rocket plane's tail booms which perfectly reflects the flame and our Earth. Lovely. Cant wait to book my ticket! » 1/10/14 10:45pm 1/10/14 10:45pm

The World's First Supersonic UAV Is Ready for Takeoff

The ability to drop bombs on targets a continent away can be a huge tactical advantage (even if it is just saber-rattling). Doing so at supersonic speeds, nearly automatically, is even better. That's why the UK has spent the better part of a decade developing the Taranis, one of the biggest and fastest UAV in… » 6/19/13 11:30am 6/19/13 11:30am

Chuck Yeager Breaks Speed of Sound Once Again—65 Years After His…

This is unforgivable. With all the hoopla about yesterday's crazy supersonic space jump, we didn't celebrate yesterday's 65th anniversary of the first man to go faster than the speed of sound, a true American hero: the now retired Brigadier General Chuck Yeager. » 10/15/12 7:11pm 10/15/12 7:11pm

The Concorde's Soviet Older Sister That Just Couldn't Stop Crashing

When you think of super sonic flight, you probably first think of the Concorde. But that wasn't the first super sonic transporter and it certainly wasn't the first commercial plane break the sound barrier. Those honors belong to the Tupolev TU-144, the USSR's only super sonic transport. » 3/16/12 11:30am 3/16/12 11:30am

Step Into This Tunnel And It'll Probably Be The Last Thing You Ever Do

This is the supersonic wind tunnel located on Tennessee's Arnold Air Force Base. It is used to test "advanced hypersonic technologies such as wave-rider-type vehicles, scramjets and transatmospheric space planes." And it appears terrifying. Just look at the full-sized image. » 6/28/10 11:20pm 6/28/10 11:20pm

HTC Supersonic, Sprint's WiMAX Android Phone, Due For Announcement Today

Last week we said the HTC Supersonic would be announced next week, and as it's now "next week," it figures that select Sprint Premier customers are being told about a "groundbreaking new device" due to be announced today. » 3/23/10 5:38am 3/23/10 5:38am

Rumor: HTC Incredible Launching On Verizon In A Fortnight; Supersonic…

Depending on who you speak to, the Incredible will be the next HTC phone to launch in the US. Or maybe it's the Supersonic. There was even talk that they may be one and the same. » 3/18/10 6:48am 3/18/10 6:48am

HTC Incredible (Or Supersonic?) Glimpsed On Video

Both the Incredible and Supersonic have had their leaky moments, and due to the similarities it's difficult to tell which model is shown here. I'm leaning towards the Incredible, which is meant to be the Verizon version of the Desire. » 2/26/10 4:03am 2/26/10 4:03am

Sprint Confirms First WiMax Handset Will Arrive By Summer

A leaked roadmap had previously indicated that Sprint would be launching a 4G WiMax handset sometime in 2010, and now the company has confirmed that we'll be seeing the technology within the next few months. But is the network ready? » 2/19/10 8:44am 2/19/10 8:44am

20 Upcoming HTC Android Devices Mentioned in Leaked ROM

Nestled in the leaked Android 2.1 ROM, 20 new devices are mentioned by name—including those we knew of already (Dragon, Dream, Hero and Passion) but some new friends too, Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Sapphire and Supersonic. … » 12/03/09 9:50am 12/03/09 9:50am