Real-Life Locations That Would Make Badass Supervillain Lairs

If you're a supervillain, one thing you need to think long and hard about is real estate. Where can you store all of your evil gadgets? How can you stay off of a superhero's radar while remaining comfy? Where will the minions live? We have a few ideas based on real places from around the world. »1/22/14 1:59pm1/22/14 1:59pm


Watching Supervillains Try to Find Dates Through Speed Dating Is Hilarious

Supervillains are so consumed with being evil and doing bad things against humanity and/or superheroes that they don't really have time to go dating. Sad, right? What should they do? Why go speed dating! World of Heroes imagined how supervillains like Darth Vader, Joker, Bane, Cobra Commander, Doctor Octopus and… »4/25/13 8:00pm4/25/13 8:00pm