Apple: Our Supplies (Largely) Don’t Come From War Zones

Apple has just published its supplier responsibility report, which audits its contract workers who produce and assemble hardware in factories outside the US. » 2/13/14 3:30am 2/13/14 3:30am

Chinese Worker Group Reports New Wave of Abuse at Apple Suppliers

A report from New York-based China Labor Watch has raised concerns over a new wave of worker abuse among Apple suppliers. » 7/29/13 6:22am 7/29/13 6:22am

This Is Where Apple Sources All Its Components (Spoiler: It Ain't Just…

This map, put together by China File, plots all of the publicly available suppliers who fuel Apple's production lines. While the majority are found in Asia, it's interesting to see that the rest of world represents, too. » 2/18/13 3:30am 2/18/13 3:30am

Apple's Tim Cook Visited Foxconn—And Came Out Alive

Apple's released an extremely comprehensive new version of its Supplier Responsibilty report for 2011, in which it faces up to suicides and underage workers in its supply chain. Facts reported include a trip made by acting boss Tim Cook to suicide-struck Foxconn in June 2010, where Tim and some Chinese suicide… » 2/15/11 5:20am 2/15/11 5:20am

Apple's Supplier Responsibility Progress Report Sidesteps All the…

Apple released their 2010 update on Supplier Responsibility today. And hey! According to Apple, Apple's doing a great job! But given recent events, should they really have given themselves such high marks? » 2/23/10 5:33pm 2/23/10 5:33pm