Comcast Will Now Troubleshoot Your Gear, Too

Instead of focusing only on your connection, Comcast's got a new service on deck that offers support for your laptop, gaming console, routers, and other equipment that contributes to your online experience. Xfinity Signature Support can be built into your monthly plan, or you can pay as you go. It's only available in… » 3/09/11 11:11am 3/09/11 11:11am

Comcast Support is Watching You Complain On Your Blog RIGHT NOW

When Brandon Dilbeck wrote about how shitty his Comcast service was on his no-traffic Blogspot blog, he didn't think anyone was watching. But this guy was. And when he received an email from Comcast support that directly addressed his specific problem shortly after his post went up, he understandably got a little… » 7/25/08 9:40am 7/25/08 9:40am

Apple Hasn't Given Up on Time Machine AirPort Disk Support

If you kept up with our Mac OSX Leopard Liveblog, you might have heard that Apple pulled wireless Time Machine back-ups with AirPort disks at the last minute. If you were irritated by this development, good news may be on the horizon. According to an Appleinsider source, Apple is classifying the AirPort disk issue as… » 10/31/07 6:20pm 10/31/07 6:20pm

Microsoft Offering Vista-to-XP Downgrade Option to Anyone, Not Just OEMs

While many sites today are claiming that MS is only offering Vista-to-XP downgrade discs to OEMs, CNet Asia found out that Microsoft support will allow anybody with a copy of Vista Ultimate or Business to call and request a downgrade disc themselves, just like it says in the license terms. So there you have it, any… » 9/24/07 3:14pm 9/24/07 3:14pm

UK Ministry of "Defence" 2008 Grand Challenge for Troop Support Bots

In Summer 2008, Copehill Down in the UK countryside will be full of various military robots. The UK Ministry of Defence has organized a Grand Challenge, in which 14 teams will be competing with various types of robots that are designed to support ground troops. The designs vary from single robots to swarms of small… » 8/01/07 9:22am 8/01/07 9:22am

How to Expedite Geek Squad Issues the Consumerist Way

Giz readers (or their families) have probably had more than a few dealings with Best Buy's Geek Squad, so that's why we're pointing you to this consumerist post on how to get stuff resolved. The Geek Squad CEO dropped them a line on how to get your service-issue complaint directly to him and other execs and bypass the… » 5/30/07 6:00pm 5/30/07 6:00pm