Microsoft had to eat $900 million last quarter in unsold Surface RT tablets, which might help explai

Microsoft had to eat $900 million last quarter in unsold Surface RT tablets, which might help explain that $150 price drop the other week. We'll be listening in on the earnings call later to day for any more details and to try to pinpoint exactly how many things Steve Ballmer smashed when he heard the news. »7/18/13 4:09pm7/18/13 4:09pm

7 Ways to Save the Microsoft Surface

It has a more dynamic interface. It has Office inside. It can run two apps on the same screen. And it has a USB port and a built-in kickstand. The iPad has none of these things, and the Microsoft Surface does. So why does Microsoft's first tablet already seem to be on the ropes? According to one estimate, Microsoft is… »12/11/12 9:46am12/11/12 9:46am

Microsoft Surface Display Shoot-Out: Does It Beat the iPad?

The new Windows tablets, led by Microsoft's Surface, provide a third major family of tablets for consumers and the computing world. The significance and stakes are enormous because tablets are among the most important developments in computing and consumer products in the last 20 years. Like Google's Android tablets,… »11/12/12 10:41am11/12/12 10:41am

Steve Ballmer: Surface Sales Are "Modest," But Wait for Surface Pro

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an able champion for his brand, but even he couldn't muster up much enthusiasm over sales of his Surface RT tablet in a recent interview with a French newspaper. Unless something was seriously lost in translation, sales of Microsoft's slate have been "modest" so far—but just you wait… »11/12/12 9:16am11/12/12 9:16am

Steve Ballmer Suggests That Surface Isn't Going to Try to Beat Anyone on Price

We're well into tablet season with the release of the new Kindles and the almost certain release of the iPad Mini next month, but Microsoft's Surface is in the game too, though we know quite little about it. In an interview with the Seattle Times, CEO Steve Ballmer was kind enough to mention the "sweet spot" for… »9/16/12 9:00am9/16/12 9:00am