Microsoft Multi-touch Sphere Plays 360-Degree Video, Trippiest Pong Game Ever

The Seattle PI has the first look at Microsoft's multi-touch Surface Sphere—simply Sphere—that we've known would debut this week. It's more advanced than Surface, since it has to use algorithms to round images, and uses an infrared system to detect hands and objects touching it. It plays omnidirectional video and… »7/29/08 1:35am7/29/08 1:35am

Microsoft Surface Sphere Will Be Multi-touchable Next Week

Microsoft is going to debut its spherical multi-touch Surface next week at its annual Research Faculty Summit. We're pretty curious about what you can do with a big ball of multi-touch (and wondering about the little things-is it a perfect sphere? How are you supposed to hold it? Is it like a globe?). They pulled… »7/24/08 4:59pm7/24/08 4:59pm