The Designers Behind Beats Are Making Surfboards, Too

Buying a good surfboard is such an investment that you should also be able to hang it on your wall as art. Not a problem with these boards designed by Ammunition—the firm launched by Robert Brunner, ex-Apple industrial designer and the founding designer of Beats—in collaboration with Jason Tilley, a surfboard builder… » 6/26/14 5:00pm 6/26/14 5:00pm

A Mercedes-Benz You Can Ride Into the Ocean

Most Mercedes-Benz owners wouldn't dream of driving their vehicles into the sea, but there's nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury while you're tackling a big wave. And since the carmaker is a sponsor of surfer Garrett McNamara, it teamed up with ad agency BBDO Portugal to design a one-of-a-kind surfboard for him. » 2/06/14 9:25am 2/06/14 9:25am

Finger Surfing Is Another Great Reason To Call Shotgun

If you'd asked us what our interest level was in tiny finger-ridden surfboards before watching this video, we'd have just ignored your question. But now that we see how much fun there is to be had in the passenger seat of a moving car, we're hoping the fruits of this funded Kickstarter are as fun as they look. » 9/06/13 5:40pm 9/06/13 5:40pm

Dominate the Waves Aboard This Gorgeous Wooden Honeycomb

Today's conventional polyurethane foam surfboards are lightweight, strong, and maneuverable. But that comes at the cost of a more jarring ride in rough seas—not to mention PU isn't exactly an environmentally-friendly material. So New Zealander Mike Grobelny is taking carving back to its roots with a CNC-milled, hollow… » 5/18/12 2:40pm 5/18/12 2:40pm

The World's Most Technologically Advanced Surfboard

This surfboard, developed by Pukas and Tecnalia, isn't just beautifully designed. It's also jam-packed with gadgetry. By stowing a gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, compass, and more on board, it lets surfers measure everything from how fast they took the last wave to how vertical they got. Or in my case, just how hard… » 2/23/11 9:00pm 2/23/11 9:00pm

What Happens When a Computer Programmer Decides to Build a Cheap Surfboard?

Not surprisingly, you get the nerdiest surfboard ever. The "Shredder" surfboard was designed by a computer programmer named Mike Sheldrake after he decided to replace his old board. Since he did not possess the skills necessary to make a board the traditional way, he decided to use 3-D modeling software to design a… » 5/22/08 7:20pm 5/22/08 7:20pm