How To Choose the Right Extension Cord for Anything

There are a lot of extension cords out there, and sometimes it's hard to know which one to use. Often, people just go to the same one for everything—and it's not always a safe choice for the wires carrying the current, the outlet, or the machine itself. Eliminate the guesswork by using the best cords for 16 common… » 4/23/12 11:00am 4/23/12 11:00am

Keep Fugly Surge Protectors Out of Sight and Mind With Bluelounge…

We've already seen what Bluelounge can do with a minimalist gadget charging station, but today they're tackling a different office obstacle with the CableBox: cords. If you haven't gone mostly wireless yet, this is a convenient way to store them. And on a personal note, this space saver also addresses an illogical… » 6/08/08 3:00pm 6/08/08 3:00pm

Cost Control Power Strip: See How Power-Thirsty Your Gadgets Are

The Cost Controller power strip lets you hook up eight gizmos, protects them against voltage spikes, and also shows you how much power they're drawing so you can worry about your electricity bill well ahead of time. It actually shows consumption in kilowatt hours along with the frequency and voltage characteristics of… » 4/29/08 6:04am 4/29/08 6:04am

Surge Power Strip: Your Power Wastage In Plain Sight

The Climatized Objects Project think there's a simpler way to make you save energy than clever sockets: "Surge" plops your power sockets and thus energy consumption in open view. Shaming you, and dominating your home. Yup: I'd certainly be tempted to unplug my "on standby" devices if this red surge-protecting beast… » 3/27/08 11:00am 3/27/08 11:00am

Socket Sense Power Strip Has the Sense to Slide

The age old conundrum of AC adapter bricks not fitting correctly on power strips has had many solutions lately, but this Socket Sense seems to be quite a clever one to add to the pile. It looks like a standard strip with the plugs offset at a 45 degree angle, but each socket can actually slide up and down the strip to… » 2/06/08 2:15pm 2/06/08 2:15pm

Flying Saucer Surge Protector Keeps All Plugs Separate

There have been many solutions to the problem of fat AC adapters clogging up your surge protectors (like this), but this ezSpace UFO flying saucer protector from ezGear looks like it can actually be filled with all AC adapters without colliding. The secret is that it's pretty huge and shaped like an flipped-over bowl,… » 12/19/07 5:40pm 12/19/07 5:40pm

Plugging Your PS3 Into a Surge Protector Doesn't Void Your Warranty

A PlayStation forum poster claims that a Sony customer service rep told him his broken PS3's warranty was voided because he plugged the console into a surge protector and not a wall socket, and that he'd have to pay $150 to fix it. When reached for comment, Sony said this wasn't the case and that your warranty won't… » 10/17/07 7:40pm 10/17/07 7:40pm

Smart Power Strip Auto Shuts Down Peripherals

This power strip has surge protection, noise filtering and a microprocessor capable of turning off all the peripheral devices when the main device is turned off. So, when you turn off your PC, it can shut down your speakers, printer and other extras, too. It is available for $35, which isn't too bad for a quality… » 5/18/07 5:57pm 5/18/07 5:57pm