Warner Music Profits and the Sky Are Down, Digital Sales and Pigs Are Up

As much we like to joke about the new music economy stripping rappers of their fourth Bentley and downgrading their 60-inch plasmas to 42-inchers, Warner Music actually did take a hard beating this past quarter, losing almost $7 million in profit versus last year's—more than half, for a take of $5 million. While… »11/29/07 2:15pm11/29/07 2:15pm

"Toolkit" MPAA Offers Schools to Monitor File-Sharing Traffic More Like a Rootkit

The MPAA is such a kind and giving organization. After compiling a list of the top 25 schools for piracy, it sent them a letter last month offering the free, super-helpful University Toolkit to track naughty file-sharing on their networks. It "can produce a report that is strictly internal and therefore confidential… »11/26/07 7:15pm11/26/07 7:15pm