Marantz ES7001 S.S.X Surround Sound Bar

As I become more and more enthralled by the simple home theater setup fake surround sound bars provide, I'm surprised to see high-end Marantz get into the game that is otherwise known for midrange players. (This was announced at CEDIA, but I missed it then, and it deserves your attention now). Like the Yamaha YSP… » 10/01/07 5:27pm 10/01/07 5:27pm

Denon Introduces Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod Docks, X-Space…

Today at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, Denon unveiled a massive line of new home-theater gear, mostly centered on the themes of network connectivity and easier setup.
• Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod docks ($179.99 and $229.99, out in August and September, respectively, with the "W" adding integrated Wi-Fi). In… » 7/24/07 2:26pm 7/24/07 2:26pm