Here's What the Tip of the Washington Monument Looks Like Up Close

The 129-year-old Washington Monument is enshrouded in scaffolding this month, as workers repair the structural cracks caused by a 2011 earthquake. But the scaffolds are giving scientists the chance to carry out other work, too: Like measuring the exact height of the aging monument. » 11/12/13 10:40am 11/12/13 10:40am

Men Love Drone Strikes More Than Women

Though the use of drone strikes should still be an American moral crisis, the majority of America approves of the pilotless robotic missile strikes. And men overwhelmingly support the invisible killers compared to women. » 2/11/13 8:00pm 2/11/13 8:00pm

Facebook Edges Out Toilets On Survey of "Things You Can't Live Without"

To urinate or update Facebook with pics from last night's drunken debauchery? That is the fundamental anatomical pop culture question for our time. » 9/11/11 3:00pm 9/11/11 3:00pm

Android Users 12% More Likely to Own Pets, and Other Pointless Survey…

Normally we don't like to give much credence to PR stunt surveys, but Hunch polled 15,000 people—FIFTEEN THOUSAND—and found some surprising results. Did you know that iPhoners eat rice crispies, and Android-droids prefer Cheerios? » 8/16/11 4:40pm 8/16/11 4:40pm

Apparently One Third of You Open Apps Before You Even Get Out of Bed

I'll admit the first thing I do upon turning the phone alarm off is to fire up my emails and then Twitter. And that's all before I get out of bed! I stop short of actually replying to messages, though. » 5/16/11 3:40am 5/16/11 3:40am

Google Mobile Survey Reveals Tablets Are Attacking Television

We've heard it said backward and forward that tablets are eating into laptop sales, but rarely if ever do we hear much about the tablet's influence on TV watching. Turns out all those iPads are disrupting that experience too. » 4/10/11 2:00pm 4/10/11 2:00pm

Dry Cleaners Claim Over 17,000 USB Sticks Were Left in Laundries in 2010

Let's face it: 99.9 per cent of surveys are just inbox spam, dreamt up by PR agencies in need of a quick coverage fix for their demanding clients, and with such a small pool of respondees that you'd be better off asking your Facebook friends for their opinion instead. Not this one, though. » 3/01/11 4:00am 3/01/11 4:00am

Survey Says: We All Hate 3DTV!

After polling the U.S. a few months ago, Nielsen conducted a worldwide poll to gauge interest in 3DTV displays. SPOILER ALERT: less than 10 percent of those asked said they'll buy a 3D television in the next year. » 12/22/10 1:20am 12/22/10 1:20am

AT&T Fingered as Worst Carrier By Consumer Reports

iPhone owners have long had their frustrations with AT&T. So when over half of the AT&T respondents to a Consumer Reports wireless carrier satisfaction survey were iPhone owners, it's maybe unsurprising that they finished last. It's still disappointing, though. UPDATED: » 12/06/10 2:50pm 12/06/10 2:50pm

Study: Consumers Less Interested In 3D TV After Experiencing It…

The 3D revolution. Companies like Sony and pretty much every vendor who attended IFA the other day want it to happen yesterday. Consumers? Interested—just not to the point where they're willing to put down any coin just yet. » 9/11/10 10:05am 9/11/10 10:05am

Tired of Malware Attacks? Move to Africa, the Safest Web Region

Despite the masses of negative publicity heaped on the continent by the famed Nigerian spam industry, Africa is actually one of the world's safest places to go online in—featuring seven of the ten nations least attacked by malware. » 8/25/10 7:08am 8/25/10 7:08am

Our Gadgets Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry

Here's a comforting truth: the next time your gadgets make you angry enough to pout, stomp, and scream, know that you're not alone. In fact, you're in the majority. » 8/20/10 8:20pm 8/20/10 8:20pm

Fact: Literally No One Would Pay To Use Twitter

There may be plenty of ways for Twitter to make money, but it doesn't look like charging membership fees will be one of them: a recent survey showed that zero percent of users would pay for the service. Zilch. None. » 7/26/10 3:20pm 7/26/10 3:20pm

Japanese Not Excited About Being Told to Buy 3DTVs

A survey of 8,957 Japanese consumers found they're not thrilled about the entertainment industry demanding they upgrade TVs again, with nearly 70% saying they have "no plans" to buy a 3DTV for their homes. » 7/02/10 5:52am 7/02/10 5:52am

What's Really Behind the iPhone's China Problem

Among the markets that Apple hasn't quite been able to crack with their iPhone, China has to be the most frustrating. It's a huge opportunity that's being missed. And now we finally know exactly why. » 5/20/10 9:07am 5/20/10 9:07am

Brits Prefer iPhones To Flushing Toilets

I think each of the 4,000 Brits who participated in a survey of the 10 greatest inventions ever should have their toilets taken off them for life. See if there's an app for that! » 5/20/10 4:18am 5/20/10 4:18am

Survey Shows Half of Phone Break-Ups Are Texted

It's an admittedly small sample size from a start-up social network, but even so: that's ice cold. MocoSpace surveyed 20,000 of its 10.3 million members, and found that SMS is the weapon of choice for 47% of phone break-ups. » 2/11/10 11:49am 2/11/10 11:49am

Verizon Dominates Zagat's First Cellphone Carrier Survey

If Patrick Bateman had a cellphone, he'd probably be rocking a Droid (with a Phil Collins ringtone, natch) after Verizon topped four of six major categories in Zagat's debut Wireless Carriers Survey. » 1/15/10 5:20pm 1/15/10 5:20pm

Has Technology Made Things Better or Worse?

According to 1,504 American adults surveyed over a 5-day period, cellphones have made the world a better place. Tattoos, on the other hand, haven't done a damn thing! Everything else falls indolently in between. [PewCenter via ReadWriteWeb via IntoMobile] » 12/28/09 10:55am 12/28/09 10:55am