Roundup: Best Black Friday Advice, Deals and Warnings

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is not something you jump into without a plan. If you are shopping or getting ready to shop, make sure you have all the info you need by first checking out our Black Friday survival guide, as well as the supplementary Black Friday helpers:
Best of Black Friday… » 11/28/08 4:35pm 11/28/08 4:35pm

The iPhone 3G Survival Guide: Complete With Cartoons and Broken English

So you have decided to get the iPhone 3G. Good for you-way to spend money. But after you have brought that little gadget bundle home, a sense of panic may set in-for you are now in an elite club. Fear not my friends, because the folks at CNET UK have "discovered" a survival guide that will help you, the frightened… » 6/13/08 6:30pm 6/13/08 6:30pm