Subivor Survival Kit: Buy It or You Will Die in a Subway Terrorist Attack, Maybe

If you can't hawk your wares with a standard appeal to people's vanity, there's always good old-fashioned fearmongering. Like you'll DIE in a fire caused by TERRORISTS. Unless you've got the Subivor survival kit! Ominous music and death-hype aside, it's actually not a bad little pack of emergency gear—a mask that… »5/19/08 8:40pm5/19/08 8:40pm

Survival Kit Charges Your Gear with Solar-Powered Naffness

The designers of this naff gadget followed an interesting recipe: take one 3800mAh rechargeable battery, a solar cell, digital watch, analog thermometer, compass and LED torch light and jam them haphazardly into the nearest scratchy plastic box. Add in 12 connectors for mobile phones and USB gadgets, and serve up for… »2/26/08 5:17am2/26/08 5:17am

Wilderness Survival Kit: Gadgets and Ideas That Could Save Your Life

As we mourn the death of C|Net journalist James Kim, we want to do whatever we can to prevent such tragedies. There are lots of ways to improve your odds when you get lost in the wilderness, stranded in your car, or are somehow thrust out of this comfy cocoon in which most of us are living. So we put together a list… »12/07/06 11:12am12/07/06 11:12am