Why I'm Still Obsessed With Survivor After Watching All 450 Episodes

For the 30th season of Survivor, my friends and I started a fantasy league. A Survivor fantasy league, where points are awarded based on characters’ actions on the hit TV show. And as stupid as that sounds, I’ll gladly look like an idiot to pay tribute to one of my favorite TV shows.
»9/14/15 7:03pm9/14/15 7:03pm


Corsair Brings 32GB Flash Drives, College Students Get Excited

We've been using an 8GB to tote around our critical data (Futurama episodes), but Corsair's 32GB USB flash drives can carry four times as much Fry and Bender on the go. The two drives, Voyager and Survivor, will be retailing for $229 and $249 each—not a bad price for this much storage. The Voyager is enclosed in a… »1/03/08 3:00pm1/03/08 3:00pm