7 of the World's Most Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

Nothing will ever be able to replace the simple beauty of a real, live Christmas tree—and don't even get us started on the smell. But no matter how much we may cherish this piney holiday tradition, the reality remains: They're bulky, messy, and a pain in the ass to toss out once they're dead. But fake Christmas trees… » 12/24/13 9:00am 12/24/13 9:00am

This Hanging Hotel Made of Recycled Materials Is Definitely Weird,…

AirHotel, a sustainable and mobile hanging hotel designed by a group of Belgian artists, is actually a collection of six unique pod-like rooms, each with its own theme. May 10 - June 2, AirHotel will be set up at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in the UK, where a stay in one of its wacky rooms will begin at about $57… » 5/02/12 1:20am 5/02/12 1:20am

This Super Sherpa Climbed Everest 21 Times. Here's His Eco Gadget Bag.

Last week, Apa Sherpa made it to the summit of Mount Everest for a record-breaking 21st time. This "Super Sherpa", who now lives in Utah, has climbed for the past several years with the Eco Everest Expedition, a team with a "leave no trace" outdoor ethic dedicated to cleaning up Everest. The group has brought down… » 5/17/11 8:37pm 5/17/11 8:37pm

This White Wheel Can (Unfortunately?) Make Any Room Your Office

The Yill, designed by Werner Aisslinger for the Berlin-based renewable energy company Younicos, is a self-contained energy storage unit that can quickly and simply bring power to any room. Its lithium titanium battery, which can be charged by a standard outlet or renewable sources like solar cells, can serve up to 300… » 2/25/11 9:13am 2/25/11 9:13am