Suunto X10 GPS Watch is Basically Perfect for Tomb Raiding

Suunto »8/21/08 10:30am8/21/08 10:30am has just added to its range of GPS watches with the new X10, but this gizmo doesn't just do navigation and time-telling. It's also got an altimeter function, barometer, digital compass and thermometer: Exactly the sort of equipment any self-respecting tomb raider would find darn useful.Even better, the X10 has…

GPS Coolness: Downloading Suunto and Garmin Forerunner Data into Google Earth

The exploitation of Google Earth continues, and now Suunto is offering a free application that converts GPS data from its X9i GPS watch into Google Earth files. The downloadable Suunto Track Exporter software lets you place the GPS data you've recorded onto a Google Earth map, showing you exactly where you've gone.… »12/13/06 8:37am12/13/06 8:37am