USB Drive Proves Fertility Conventions Give Out the Best Swag Ever

Attendees can get some pretty cool swag at big conventions, but I have yet to see a product as functionally hysterical as this sperm-shaped USB drive handed out at the American Society For Reproductive Medicine's (ASRM) 2008 conference. I'll tell you what—whipping this thing out at while using your laptop at Starbucks… » 11/12/08 4:40pm 11/12/08 4:40pm

Buy 300 Pieces of Verizon Wireless Swag To Impersonate a Verizon…

Have you ever wanted to impersonate a Verizon Wireless employee? This is your chance! Some former employee is now auctioning off his sad, sordid history with the company (he actually saved up 300 different pieces of flair from his time there) to the highest bidder. There are cellphone holsters, fanny packs, flip… » 9/18/08 7:40pm 9/18/08 7:40pm

Todd McFarlane's Halo 3 Controllers Could Be Better

A Todd McFarlane/Microsoft collaboration to work on Halo 3 controllers should be a winning combo...but it's not. Sure, the Spawn creator drew up some awesome images of Master Chief, soldier-filled Warthogs, and evil Covenant aliens. Yes, Brian thinks they're good. However, plastering a glossy reprint all over a… » 9/25/07 1:03pm 9/25/07 1:03pm

eNecessities Digital Photo Cube for Giveaway Swagmeisters

You know digital photo frames are getting to be a commodity when they're designed for corporations to give them away as branding tools. That's what the eNecessities photo cube is, with its 1x1-inch LCD screen and 1.5 inches of space for branding just above that display. It holds about 30 digital photos, fed into it… » 2/20/07 12:15pm 2/20/07 12:15pm