Misfit and Swarovski Have Created the First Solar-Powered Wearable

A wearable fitness tracker is no good to you if you don't actually want to wear it. So to ensure its Shine appropriately matches any outfit—whether you're dressed up or dressed down—Misfit and Swarovski are introducing the Swarovski Shine Collection featuring a crystal face and new accessories. The collection also… »1/05/15 9:18am1/05/15 9:18am


The Secret Of Swarovski Crystal Headlights: They're Stupid And Fake

Like many automotive-news outlets, our reporting of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé makes a big deal out of the car's lavish 47-Swarovski crystal headlights. They're much easier than using a bullhorn to yell "I'M RICH!" at everyone, and they help with night driving a bit. Too bad they're not really what they seem. »2/11/14 4:18pm2/11/14 4:18pm

I See No Possible Dangers to Embedding Swarovski Crystals in Contact Lenses

Gee whiz guys, why didn't any of us think of this sooner? You know Swarovski crystals, those fancy, shiny pieces of glass that kind of look like diamonds but are much cheaper? Let's put them in contact lenses »9/02/08 12:00pm9/02/08 12:00pm! Sure, it's essentially putting shards of glass on your eye, but it's just so looking! Bling bling! Going…

Is It A GirlPurse? Is It A ManBag? No, Silly, It's an Urban Performer Unit

Hello, I'm a sexy lady who has been Swarovski-encrusted by my PR people in order to publicize something called the Urban Performer Unit. It's basically a handbag with a little pocket for your iPod which enables you to control your music from the outside of your bag. Nice idea, don't you think? There is, however, one… »4/08/08 7:32am4/08/08 7:32am

Swarovski-embedded Hello Kitty Laptop Makes Us Wince, Groan, then Vomit in Anger

As if adorning an otherwise fine laptop in Swarovski crystals or Hello Kitty logos wasn't bad enough, NEC has made a laptop with both Swarovski and Hello Kitty, making this the worst laptop we've ever seen. Seriously, we're not even going to bother showing you the specs, because if anybody purchases this thing from… »12/26/07 5:40pm12/26/07 5:40pm

iPod nano Becomes Gold-Plated Zune with Gilty Couture

There's a new Swarovski-encrusting, gold-plating organization on the rise, going by the name of Gilty Couture. It's got a wide range of precious metal hard-cases from $55 to $200, with crystals "evoking the Gilded Age of the late 1800s." However, one enclosure in particular evokes something else: it gives the newest… »12/17/07 10:59am12/17/07 10:59am

Swarovski-Encrusted Wii Actually Doesn't Look Like Crystalized Poop

We normally avoid posting things coated in Swarovski crystals like Asians avoid SARS, but this particular crystalized Wii looks spectacular. The console has the Twilight Princess Link/Wolf engraved on one side, the TriForce logo engraved on the other and the actual TriForce (with Kanji labels) on the front. We're not… »12/07/07 4:20pm12/07/07 4:20pm

LED Fashion Makes You Look Groovy, in a NYC Skyline Kind of Way

Looks like designer Hussein Chalayan and Swarovski have at last come up with LED clothing that doesn't make you look like an alien (not too much, anyway) or an utterly fashion-blind dork. The dress has two layers, with a translucent fabric covering the LEDs. If you live outside Japan, however, you will have to keep … »6/19/07 10:05am6/19/07 10:05am