Swatch's Touchscreen Watch Gets Smarter With Fitness Tracking Features

Rumors of Swatch making a smartwatch of its own were recently confirmed to Gizmodo by the company, we just don't have any idea of when it will happen. So if you're tired of waiting to strap a genuine smart Swiss watch to your wrist, Swatch has just upgraded its touchscreen Swatch Touch with the slightly smarter Swatch… »2/27/15 9:20am2/27/15 9:20am

A Smartwatch That Doesn't Need to Be Charged. Finally.

Swatch, purveyor of inexpensive watches you buy on layovers, plans to release a smartwatch within the next three months that will connect to the internet without needing to be charged. That's a revved-up idea. The new Swatch will be released roughly at the same time as the hotly anticipated Apple Watch, which reports… »2/05/15 11:05am2/05/15 11:05am

Swatch's Cheapest Self-Winding Watch Has a Bunch of Great New Looks

Good things—or sometimes better things—come to those who wait. And if the designs of the first round of Swatch's innovative Sistem51 didn't ring your bell, the Swiss watchmaker has just announced five new designs that will be arriving soon, including versions with more classic and cleaner watch faces. »2/04/15 4:25pm2/04/15 4:25pm

Swatch's Sistem51 Will Finally Be Available In the US on July 1

There's some great news for watch aficionados who haven't already found a friend in Europe to buy and ship them Swatch's new Sistem51 timepiece. The watch features a genuine Swiss mechanical movement that's assembled through an automated process that means it can be mass produced on the cheap, but not cheaply made. »6/26/14 4:35pm6/26/14 4:35pm

Swatch's $90 Dive Watches Won't Take You To the Depths Of Poverty

If you're into any kind of serious underwater adventuring, you'll probably balk at Swatch's new Scuba Libre line. But at just $90 they're not targeted at timepiece connoisseurs or wannabe Jacques Cousteaus. They're designed for an afternoon at the beach where you won't be too devastated if your watch gets destroyed… »6/12/13 5:00pm6/12/13 5:00pm

Swatch Sistem51: Finally, Mechanical Movement on the Cheap

When Swatch figured out how to simplify and automate the production of Quartz watches, it made the technology extremely affordable and accessible to anyone who still wanted an analog timepiece. But even with rumored smart watches on the horizon, more traditional timepieces with mechanical movements are still very… »5/01/13 1:55pm5/01/13 1:55pm

Swatch 007 Villain Watches, Because Bad Guys Aren't Spending Taxpayer Money

Generally when we lock all the doors, put on a tuxedo t-shirt and fantasize about being James Bond, we don't reach for our Swatch collection to complete the ensemble. But the new 007 Villain collection from Swatch simultaneously captures some of the camp and style of the James Bond films in something that you could… »10/06/08 2:00pm10/06/08 2:00pm