LRG's Friday The 47th Hoodie Combines Warmth With Homicidal Tendencies

If you missed out on last year's Dead Serious hoodie that made every Karate Kid fanboy lose their shit, LRG is getting ready to drop another movie-inspired sweatshirt. The Friday The 47th hoodie flaunts Jason Voorhees as its muse, complete with dual chainsaws across the chest and a pullover hockey mask that's sewn… » 8/14/07 4:20pm 8/14/07 4:20pm

BladeRunner Kevlar Sweatshirt Is Cool, Won't Protect You Against Replicants

Leave it to the Brits (probably from Hackney) to come up with a hooded sweatshirt all lined in Dupont Kevlar for "added protection against knife attacks." For your next street fight however, keep in mind that the appropriately named Bladerunner Hooded Top is not knife-proof, only having a "high slash/cut resistance."… » 4/16/07 5:45pm 4/16/07 5:45pm