Swedish Kids Say their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed

In a recent study, 33% of Swedish parents surveyed (521 total) admitted that their phone and tablet use was a sore point with their kids. The children said that their parents spend too much time on the devices. And experts are weighing in about the developmental damage this could cause. » 11/03/13 7:26pm 11/03/13 7:26pm

One Swedish Made Light Enlarging Lamp

Simple is an understatement when it comes to the Vinge, a fine piece of lamp from Swedish design firm Note Design Studio. Stripped down to its essentials, the fixture puts out a beautifully soft light as a result of its massive white dome. And if the quality of light weren't enough for you, the wing around the base… » 2/19/13 5:40pm 2/19/13 5:40pm

These Men Were Caught Building Homemade Nuclear Reactors

Richard Handl, was arrested by the Swedish police for the possession of nuclear material including radium, americium, and uranium. The inquisitive man was creating a nuclear reactor to see if it's possible to split atoms at home." Crazy, but true. » 8/03/11 10:45pm 8/03/11 10:45pm

Handl was much less sophisticated than Hahn. The Swedish man may…

Gizmodo Loves Axes

This morning, we decided we think axes are awesome. Beautiful, functionally perfected, and, yes, great for elegantly chopping the crap out of things. Below, a roundup of our favorite old school cutting contraptions. » 2/18/11 4:00pm 2/18/11 4:00pm

Laptop Thief Mails Victim His Data On a USB Stick

If you're going to get your laptop stolen by anyone, better hope it's by this Swede, who copied the laptop's data onto a USB stick and sent it to his victim in the post a week later. » 10/18/10 7:20am 10/18/10 7:20am

Swedes Claim They've Killed the Source of The Pirate Bay's Power With…

With the "biggest ever" piracy raid in Sweden's history—taking down a server with "data equivalent to 16,000 movies"—the Swedish Anti-Piracy Agency says they've killed the source of all The Pirate Bay's pirated material. » 3/06/09 7:30pm 3/06/09 7:30pm

Monitor Heart Safety By Turning Your Cellphone Into an ECG

Most of us would never need an electrocardiogram embedded into our cellphones to monitor our hearts, but most of us aren't recovering from a heart attack. For those people that are, this Swedish invention that turns any old cellphone into a monitor that can automatically call a doctor or the hospital if your heart… » 2/15/08 3:08pm 2/15/08 3:08pm

Koenigsegg Supercar Laptop, Vroom Vroom.

Koenigsegg has joined the likes of Ferrari by releasing its own line of laptops. Unlike Ferrari, though, Koenigsegg has opted out of having Acer supply the guts to the laptop. » 9/05/06 9:59am 9/05/06 9:59am