Speedo Now Selling LZR Racer Swim Suit to the Public, U.S. Whale Sightings Way Up

Even though Speedo is now selling its controversial LZR Racer »8/17/08 1:00pm8/17/08 1:00pm swim suit to the general public for $550, we doubt the beer bellies at the local community swimming pool are going to spontaneously turn into a congregation of eight gold medal-winning Olympians any time soon. In fact, here at the Gizmodo weekend desk Jesus…

Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit Spawns Copycats and Controversy

Speedo's controversial LZR Racer swimsuit spawned its first copycat this week, a prototype from Arena International that pushes the definition of tight-fitting fabric. With a green light for the LZR from swimming's official body, and the Summer Olympics looming large on the horizon, I think it's safe to say that the… »4/13/08 8:00pm4/13/08 8:00pm

Triumph's Solar Swimsuit Powers USB Devices, Makes Good Excuse to Post Seminude Woman

There have been prototypes before but this Triumph's Solar Swimsuit seems to be the first that is going to be commercially available. Created by lingerie and swimwear manufacturer Triumph and photovoltaic cell manufacturer Conergy, it will provide enough power to feed a cellphone or an iPod. »4/24/07 3:30pm4/24/07 3:30pm