Happy Landing Zipline Rescues You (And Child) From Exploding Buildings

The picture is funny, but the invention is actually legitimately neat. The Alongo Happy Landing Escaper is a wire system that mounts to an emergency exit or beefy window frame, deploys mechanically (without a need for electricity) and allows riders up to 400 pounds to slowly descend from a high rise building safely… » 9/25/08 2:00pm 9/25/08 2:00pm

Swingline to Embed RFID Tags into Next-Gen Staplers

Your low-tech stapler is about to get a huge makeover if Swingline has its way. They're looking to embed RFID tags onto staples so that when an important (stapled) document goes missing, it'll be able to radio its location (most likely from underneath your desk) to a nearby tracking device. Now that's a Swingline I'd… » 2/27/07 5:31pm 2/27/07 5:31pm