Leaked Data From 30,000 Swiss Bank Accounts Reveals Mass Tax Avoidance

A slew of 30,000 leaked Swiss HSBC bank account details—what the Guardian calls the "biggest banking leak in history"—lays bare the practices of the organization and its customers. And it doesn't look pretty. » 2/09/15 6:06am 2/09/15 6:06am

These Men Were Caught Building Homemade Nuclear Reactors

Richard Handl, was arrested by the Swedish police for the possession of nuclear material including radium, americium, and uranium. The inquisitive man was creating a nuclear reactor to see if it's possible to split atoms at home." Crazy, but true. » 8/03/11 10:45pm 8/03/11 10:45pm

Handl was much less sophisticated than Hahn. The Swedish man may…

History of the Swiss Army Knife

They've got millions of people out of trouble since their invention in the 1880s (and opened a few bottles of wine along the way), but how much do you know about the humble Swiss army knife? [Outside] » 9/10/10 6:00am 9/10/10 6:00am

The Genesis of the Leatherman

The Leatherman multi-tool didn't just spring forth fully formed, like Athena, from the brow of some handy-man God, but rather began as a series of meticulously detailed diagrams and cardboard cut-outs. Check them out over at [Popular Mechanics] » 7/26/10 8:40pm 7/26/10 8:40pm

The World's Oldest Swiss Army Knife

This could very well be the world's first Swiss Army Knife. Bearing a striking resemblance to modern multi-tools, it has at least six distinct functions and originates from the Roman Empire circa 200 A.D. » 1/30/10 9:00pm 1/30/10 9:00pm

Tourists Rescued from Swiss Mountains Thanks to Magic iPod

Two French tourists were rescued today in the Swiss mountains after getting lost on a ski trip. They managed to contact authorities, but their phone died shortly thereafter. Thank God somebody brought an iPod. » 12/27/08 4:15pm 12/27/08 4:15pm

Lifebag Saves Lives in Avalanches, Doubles as Halloween Costume

Aimed at winter sports enthusiasts, the Lifebag is a nifty refillable backpack. Weighing in at less than three pounds, its 150-liter capacity tank fills with gas in just three seconds when inflated manually, protecting the head and upper body of the wearer. But this Swiss invention could be so much more than just a… » 10/25/07 4:00pm 10/25/07 4:00pm

Students Mistake Landmine for Frisbee, Narrowly Avoid Death

When a couple of Swiss kids on holiday in Hungary found a circular object by a river, they did the logical thing and started playing Frisbee with it. They were gob-smacked to learn, however, that their toy was, in fact, a Soviet anti-tank landmine. » 8/23/07 10:30am 8/23/07 10:30am

SmartFish: The Flyest of Flying Machines

If this is the future of travel, where do I sign up? A bunch of Swiss aeronautical designers have spent the last five years working on the SmartFish project, a lightweight, fuel-efficient hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft. Now at the small model prototype phase, they claim that a full-scale model of their invention… » 4/10/07 7:16am 4/10/07 7:16am

Ad Watch: Swiss Self-Cleaning Toilet

Watch as an attractive Swiss broad shows you why a self-cleaning toilet is a bad idea in a public place, but a great idea at home.

Let's see if we've got this straight. The Swiss get self-cleaning toilets and the Japanese get toilets that treat your ass like a Queen. What do we get? A bald pirate pressuring… » 1/27/07 10:00am 1/27/07 10:00am