Turn Off This Cordless, Motion-Sensing Lamp By Simply Knocking It Over

Even fans of extreme minimalism still need on and off switches—after all, what good is a beautiful lamp if it doesn't work? Industrial Designer William Lee, though, has figured out how to banish the on/off switch using a simple tilting mechanism that knows to kill its soft glow when the lamp's been knocked over. »6/10/13 5:59pm6/10/13 5:59pm

Google Phone to Resemble a BlackBerry, Will Run on Multiple Carriers

The first time we saw the Google phone (codenamed Switch) we weren't sure what to make of it. Two months later the Internet is buzzing again with claims that the "GPhone" will be BlackBerry-like and available on multiple carriers, rather than just one. There's still no pricing or better images to show off, but one… »3/05/07 7:09pm3/05/07 7:09pm

Portable Light Switch: Does What Your Girlfriend Does but with Less Complaints

For all of us who have woken up at 5am on the sofa after a couple of beers and the late-night movie, this portable light switch could be the answer to our dreams. Using wireless technology, the $120 device can be programmed to control any of the lights in your sitting room if you're too pooped to get up. At that… »3/05/07 5:00am3/05/07 5:00am