Parallels Switch to Mac Edition Transfers Windows Programs For You

Aside from letting you run Windows and OS X apps side-by-side, the latest version of Parallels has a cool migration wizard that copies Windows programs and files to the new Mac via a USB cable linking the two machines. » 8/25/09 3:04am 8/25/09 3:04am

HDMI Switches: Don't Get Ripped Off!

HDMI connectivity is getting cheaper wherever you look. It used to be that you'd have to pay exorbitant prices for anything with HDMI stamped on it—routing that digital video (up to 1080p) and audio at the same time must be incredibly expensive, right? But HDMI cables sold by unscrupulous retailers for 10 times more… » 2/23/07 7:55am 2/23/07 7:55am