Mad Scientists in Switzerland Built a Drone That Flies and Walks

Meet DALER. That's short for Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot, and it's designed for rescuing victims in dangerous places after a natural disaster. How does a robot do that? Well, it requires flying into a dangerous place and then walks around that dangerous place. DALER does both. » 1/22/15 11:20am 1/22/15 11:20am

This Fake Boulder In the Alps Is Actually a Tiny, Perfect Cabin

The Alps are littered with hidden buildings, from World War II-era bunkers to mansions built below ground to skirt building regulations. But here's an entirely new addition: A "rock" installed on a boulder-strewn slope that's hiding a cozy one-person cabin. » 12/18/14 11:19am 12/18/14 11:19am

This Robotic Bridge Inspector Was Originally a Disney Camera-Bot

De-icing slippery winter roads is a vital public safety measures in cold-weather climates. However, the annual cycle of salting streets only to have the mineral seep into the blacktop and rot it from the inside wreaks havoc on transportation infrastructure throughout the U.S. and around the world. This little bot… » 8/29/14 11:40am 8/29/14 11:40am

This Chlorine-Free Pool Is Biofiltered and Freaking Beautiful

'Tis the season for stripping down and getting wet in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the chlorine and chemicals used to keep man-made, al fresco watering holes clean can do a number on sensitive skin, which makes this Swiss pool all the more appealing; Herzog & de Meuron designed this beautiful lagoon with… » 7/17/14 6:08pm 7/17/14 6:08pm

The World's Biggest Picnic Blanket Is Growing in the Swiss Countryside

An art installation that plans to be the world's largest picnic blanket is currently checkerboarding its way through the green rolling hills of Switzerland. This summer, about 1,500 picnickers have ventured to the site, which is adorably named BIGNIK. And it's only going to get bigger. » 7/17/14 10:58am 7/17/14 10:58am

This Cozy Log Cabin in the Swiss Alps Is Completely Made of Concrete

If you didn't know know better, you'd think the Refugi Liepthaus in the Alps was just another quaint log cabin from afar. But if you get close, you'll realize that those ridges on the walls are not logs but a beautiful brutalist exterior. It's awesome. » 7/07/14 3:40pm 7/07/14 3:40pm

Audemars Piguet's New Watch Museum Looks Like Frozen Clockwork

In way, the 149-year-old Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet already has its own museum: The town of Le Brassus, where it's located, is full of historic watchmaking workshops. But the iconic company is building its own dedicated museum anyways, and unsurprisingly, it looks just like the intricate movements inside its… » 6/13/14 10:40am 6/13/14 10:40am

The Swiss Alpine Club built its first shed on this Alpine peak back in 1929 to serve as a refuge for climbers. But Savioz Fabrizzi Architects recently replaced the aging shack to offer more modern comforts—like solar energy. Since the site is 9,768 feet above the ground, each piece of the building was dropped off by… » 2/26/14 2:59pm 2/26/14 2:59pm

Why the Swiss Evacuate Their Cows by Helicopter

At first, it's kind of charming. Look how well the Swiss treat their cows! A helicopter is dispatched just to carry an injured bovine stuck in the mountains! It's not an uncommon sight in the Alps, either: in Switzerland, insurance that covers helicopter evacuation for your family also includes your cows. » 12/17/13 5:40pm 12/17/13 5:40pm

Soar Through the Alps With This Interactive Video of a Wingsuit Flight

Taking flight with a wingsuit is probably the scariest thing I can think of doing. And that's part of the reason why this interactive video of German crazy person Beni Kälin jumping off a Swiss mountaintop is so cool. It feels like you're flying—except without the risk of dying part. » 10/08/13 5:20pm 10/08/13 5:20pm

Switzerland Is Preparing for a French Invasion

Switzerland's got a lot going on. There are the mountains, the lakes, the delicious chocolate, the less-delicious cheese. Oh, and the money, the warehouses full of money. No wonder they're worried about someone crashing through the borders and taking it all. Specifically, a bankrupt France. » 10/04/13 2:20pm 10/04/13 2:20pm

Try To Resist the Urge to Set This 2000-Log Pyre Ablaze

Building a tower out of Lincoln Logs is one thing. Building a real life, 30-foot high funeral pyre out of actual firewood is a little bit more complicated. With a bit of finesse and a lot of patience, artist Tadashi Kawamata managed to pull off the latter. No smoking in the vicinity, please. » 6/28/13 10:53am 6/28/13 10:53am

Crazy Swiss Swingers Suspend Hot Tub from Bridge

This takes extreme hot-tubbing to new levels. A group in Switzerland suspended a makeshift Jacuzzi from the Gueuroz Bridge, 613 feet in the air. And they got in it! And hot-tubbed! » 10/03/11 9:00pm 10/03/11 9:00pm

How Architects Saved An Ancient Abbey From Destruction

St. Maurice's Abbey in Switzerland was built in a rather precarious place. Constructed in 515, the building stands tall against a steep cliff that is prone to rock slides. Damaging rock slides. » 9/06/11 11:15pm 9/06/11 11:15pm

Why Does This Guy Have an Assault Rifle at the Apple Store?

HEY ASSHOLES, MY IPHONE SCREEN IS BROKEN AND YOU WILL GIVE ME A REPLACEMENT. Was that this gun-toting Swissmister angle? Or was he just a member of the military, allowed an open carry? What the hell is possibly going on? » 8/11/11 1:00pm 8/11/11 1:00pm

Another Study Says Cellphones Don't Cause Brain Cancer

The latest volley in the never-ending discussion on cell phone-related cancer clears our beloved phones of any role in brain tumors, at least those found in children and teenagers. » 7/27/11 9:31pm 7/27/11 9:31pm

Watching a Guinness World Record Blob Jump Is Soaring Flying Fun

Ah, the blob jump. It's the timeless practice of using people to launch people. Trust me, you'll know what it is when you see it. This video shows a blob jump that sent someone 55 feet in the air, a Guinness world record. » 7/21/11 11:40am 7/21/11 11:40am

Someone Answered a Cannibal's Internet Ad, Was Shocked When Said…

Most people know not to respond to an internet personal ad referencing cannibalism, joke or not. One Swiss man responded to such an ad, believing it would be a dark, twisted role play. Oh how wrong he was. » 5/11/11 7:40pm 5/11/11 7:40pm

Google Will Shut Street View Down For the Swiss, Unless They Put Up…

Google's hitting Switzerland where it'll hurt, by threatening to take away their googlez (well, Street View), if the Swiss courts don't overturn a ruling which forces Google to ensure anonymity for anyone who happens to be snapped for Street View. » 5/11/11 11:45am 5/11/11 11:45am