How People Actually Fought With Swords

From Gladiator to Braveheart, most historical fiction about fighting with swords is kinda wrong, influenced more by performance art than how people actually fought each other with blades. Back to the Source, a documentary about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), is looking to show people how it was actually done. »10/25/15 11:55pm10/25/15 11:55pm


The Tech Inside Olympic Fencers' Amazing Future-Warrior LED Helmets

Continuing in its tradition of offering up exactly what we want »8/15/08 2:45pm8/15/08 2:45pm,'s blog has a ton of fantastic shots from the fencing action this week in Beijing, with the duelers' silvery lamé space suits and crazy blinking helmets on full display. I want one to wear, whether I'm making toast (flying crumb protection) or…