This Incredible Tablet Keyboard Transforms to Fit Your Sloppy Fingers

Not too long ago, Swype's one-finger swiping totally changed phone typing (on Android at least). We don't all swipe all the time, but that functionality is built right in to the default Android keyboard. Now, the same minds behind Sywpe are trying to change tablet typing with Dryft, a virtual keyboard for touch… » 9/10/13 9:36am 9/10/13 9:36am

Latest Texting World Record Shaves 10 Seconds Off Previous Swype Record

Crazy texting app Swype has broken its previous record for the world's fastest texting, with a British woman texting the Guinness Book of World Record's tricky phrase in just 25.94 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S phone. » 8/23/10 4:00am 8/23/10 4:00am

Swype Input Interface Sneaks Into Windows 7 Demo

The Swype text entry interface that's been tearing up Android phones, World Records and maybe iPhones was spotted doing more of the same on a large touchscreen at the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference. Spoiler: It looks like Swype, but bigger: » 7/18/10 3:00pm 7/18/10 3:00pm

Swype is Developing an App for iPhone, But Will Apple Allow It?

It's not just Android that Swype, the company which pioneered an ultra-fast texting method, has its eyes on—they're apparently developing an iPhone version, which they're hoping Apple will have no objections to. » 6/24/10 8:14am 6/24/10 8:14am

Blindingly Fast Touchscreen Text Entry System Gets a Push By Creator…

Everyone who has owned a cellphone over the last 10 years should at some point pour one out in thanks to Cliff Kushler, one of the inventors of the T9 text entry system that knows you mean "DONKEY" when you type 366539 in an SMS. Now Cliff is smartly shifting his focus on touchscreens with Swype-a way to type blindingly… » 9/10/08 9:45am 9/10/08 9:45am