Kohjinsha SX Series: For When Your Mini-Notebook Obsession Grows Up

While Asus has brought mini-notebooks to US shores, for the best stuff you've still got to import. The Kohjinsha SX Series is a 2.8lb laptop with a few interesting quirks. Powered by an Atom processor, the 8.9-inch Vista system can convert to tablet with the rotation of the convertible touchscreen. And to make sure… » 6/24/08 9:40am 6/24/08 9:40am

Kensington SX 3000R iPod Speakers and FM Radio Receiver

The Kensington SX 3000R is the sequel to the SX 2000R iPod Speaker Dock, which we featured as a Dealzmodo a few weeks ago. This 3000R has an FM tuner, remote, NXT SurfaceSound speaker technology, dock that fits all iPods, and goes for $169.99. We think it may be kind of cool to set up a cheap iPod dock in each room of… » 9/18/06 6:45pm 9/18/06 6:45pm