Sony To Drop Blu-ray Player Price $100, Others to Follow

HD Guru is reporting that Sony will drop the price of their BDP-S350 »8/23/08 6:30pm8/23/08 6:30pm Blu-ray player $100 and sell it for $300 beginning in September. As a result, manufacturer Funai plans to drop the price of its players (under the Philips/Magnavox, Insignia and Sylvania brands) down $50 to $250 in order to stay competitive in the…

Funai (Sylvania, Symphonic and Emerson) Will Sell HDTVs With Blu-rays In 'Em

Funai, whose subsidiaries are more familiar to us as Sylvania, Symphonic and Emerson, is planning on selling LCD HDTVs with Blu-rays on-board starting summer 2009. The company's previous successes in recent years with combo units (TVs with VCRs and TVs with DVDs) totaled up 40% and 20% of their sales in the US… »8/13/08 3:20pm8/13/08 3:20pm

Sylvania MESO to Revitalize Stale Tiny Computer Genre (UPDATE: Probably Not)

At a $300, or even $400 pricepoint, it was easy to come up with all sorts of reasons to own a mini-laptop like the Eee. But when those prices quickly grew to a baseline of $500, we all looked at these machines like $60,000 Kias with no wheels. Now Sylvania, a brand famous for its Wal-Mart connection, will begin… »7/30/08 2:40pm7/30/08 2:40pm