Microsoft and Symantec Just Busted a Major Cyber Crime Ring

It sounds like the plot of a movie: two major software corporations join together to shut down an evil global cyber crime operation and engage in wacky hijinks along the way. While the latter can be neither confirmed nor denied, according to an exclusive report by Reuters, Microsoft and Symantec did shut down servers… »2/06/13 4:14pm2/06/13 4:14pm

The Ultimate Antivirus Guide: 10 Top Programs Reviewed

In some ways, visiting cyberspace is kind of like entering a crowded subway car during the peak of flu season. You're surrounded by all sorts of germs-in the form of trojans, spyware, viruses, rootkits, etc.-just looking for a vulnerable host to invade and feed on. Once you're infected, these pests can wreak havoc on… »3/23/11 1:46pm3/23/11 1:46pm

Symantec Papercraft Bots: Must. Resist. Clever. Marketing.

The only thing better than a robot may be a papercraft robot, and computer security software company Symantec clearly totally realizes this. Because to better educate the public on various malware bots that can infect their systems, Symantec has released free thematic papercraft robots. And kudos to their marketing… »6/27/08 9:15am6/27/08 9:15am

Symantec Advertises Norton 360 Antivirus in Japan With Ultraman-esque Character

We're not passing any judgment on Symantec's Japanese advertising campaign where they take an Ultraman-like character and have it beat up several black "virus" characters on the street to hype their Norton 360 product. Why? Because it's actually pretty awesome. Way more awesome than the crappy anti-virus ads we get… »10/04/07 2:33pm10/04/07 2:33pm