How Unicode Brought the Digital World Together

Encoding symbols and characters in digital form is fairly easy—but making sure that everyone in the world is doing it in the same way sure isn't. Fortunately, Unicode came along—but how the hell does it work? » 9/24/13 3:48am 9/24/13 3:48am

Symbol Audio's Modern Record Console Makes Music Look as Beautiful as…

When it comes to audio technology, there are two unfortunate trends that are quite prevalent: listeners are ambivalent towards sound quality, and few audio products are built to last generations. In fact, audio equipment has become rather invisible in the home. Symbol Audio, a company with a background in… » 5/22/12 9:40am 5/22/12 9:40am

Symbol MC50 Rugged PDA

This Symbol MC50 PDA is targeted towards outdoor "on-site" use, so it's naturally a little bulky. It withstands a three feet drop onto "tile over concrete" at a temperature of 70 degrees F. Three feet is fine from a desk, but on a site you're going to be holding it in your hand. So unless you're Warwick Davis, star of » 7/17/06 3:25pm 7/17/06 3:25pm