24-Inch Syncmaster Monitor from Samsung Has Legs, Supports HDCP

Samsung has brought out another LCD monitor from its Syncmaster range. The 245T is a 24-inch monitor with PiP (Picture in Picture), PbP (that's Picture by Picture), and its Motion Picture Acceleration gives better-quality pics. Also featured is HMDI and S-Video connections. Another pic, plus the price after the jump. »10/08/07 6:56am10/08/07 6:56am

19-inch Monitor from Samsung Connects to your PC via USB

New from Samsung is the CX940UX, a 19-inch monitor that you can connect to your PC via USB. From the Syncmaster range, it's got all sorts of tricks up its sleeve, such as being able to control up to six further monitors linked to your computer. You can forget about needing extra graphics cards or new drivers to manage… »9/21/07 5:39am9/21/07 5:39am

Samsung SyncMaster 971P: 19 Inches of Geometrically-Shaped Coolness

Samsung rolled out its SyncMaster 971P line of monitors, showing that you don't have to be a sucker to have premium design in your home or office. Besides having that unique-looking S-shaped stand, the 19-inch monitors will be available in black or white, and don't skimp on the specs, either, with a 178-degree viewing… »9/05/06 1:28pm9/05/06 1:28pm

Samsung SyncMaster 931C LCD Displays 97-Percent of NTSC Color Gamut

Compared with older monitors that support only 82% of possible NTSC defined colors, this 19-inch Samsung SyncMaster 931C LCD displays nearly 100%. Useful for graphic designers, photographers, and anyone who wants an accurate representation of images on the screen, the 931C gives you 1280x1024 resolution and 2000:1… »8/22/06 7:30pm8/22/06 7:30pm