These Scarves Are Woven Music, Made With Patterns From Organ Punchcards

Did you know that the same kind of punched cards control both the jaunty tunes of old timey organs and the warp and weft of a certain kind of textile loom? Glithero, aka British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren, bridged the gap for a cool a medium mash-up—and managed to weave music. »4/07/14 10:20am4/07/14 10:20am


This Wacky Telescope Lets You Listen To What You're Looking At

Unless you're a synesthete, the five senses are pretty straightforward—but designers keep on coming up with cool ways to mix-up the experience for those of us who don't have the natural ability. Which is what makes the Wassiliscope so neat: This thing transforms color frequencies into corresponding sound frequencies,… »1/28/14 6:00pm1/28/14 6:00pm

What It's Like to Have Synesthesia And See All Your Numbers in Color

In the big wide world of mental disorders, synesthesia is probably one of the most interesting and least harmful. It's like a sensory remix. But what's it really like? Alex from Bite Sci-Zed, who "suffers" from a flavor of the disorder where her numberals have very distinct colors, explains it. By the numbers. [… »2/23/13 7:00pm2/23/13 7:00pm