ReacTable Synth Makes Touchy-Feely Music for your Eyes

If you caught Bjork on tour this year, then you might have seen the ReacTable, a tactile synth. Moving, flipping and rotating the blocks on the perspex surface creates the music, while a projector beneath the table provides the visuals. It's intuitive and thrilling stuff that can be used by both professional musicians… » 8/09/07 11:30am 8/09/07 11:30am

Gallery: Pocket Calculator Show's Boombox Hall of Fame

I like today's gadgets just fine, but there's definitely something missing from the squeeky clean lines and soon buttonless faces of iPods and the like. I don't know exactly what that missing thing is, but I know I see it when I look at the analog, knobbed squalor found in Pocket Calculator Show's Boombox Hall of Fame. … » 3/14/07 11:37pm 3/14/07 11:37pm