Tenori-On Inspired PacklSound1 iPhone App Coming Soon, But Not Soon Enough

The Tenori-On is the zany Yamaha touch-based musical sequencer that caught our eye earlier this year, but this cool PacklSound1 iPhone app could very well be the portable version that puts us over the edge. It's a simpler version of the original $1,200 Tenori-On box, but that didn't stop the designer from laying down… »7/26/08 12:07pm7/26/08 12:07pm

Revolution Synthesizer R2 Looks Like Death Star Control Panel, Not R2

Future Retro's Revolution Synthesizer R2 looks amazing; we completely have no use for a synthesizer, but we totally want one. With a complete aluminum construction, perfectly contrasting gun gray and white colors, as well as a smattering of blue LEDs all over, this synthesizer makes us moist in the most clichéd way… »2/24/08 11:38am2/24/08 11:38am

Mandala High-Def Drum and Synthesizer Version 2.0 On the Way

Now the Synethesia Mandala high-def drum and synthesizer is about to bust out in version 2.0, sprouting itself a USB 2.0 port that lets you hook it up to any PC or Mac. Synethesia is calling it "the only electronic drum that truly emulates an acoustic drum." It's called high-def because it has 128 concentric rings… »10/08/07 11:05am10/08/07 11:05am