Flowerpower F-15 Breaks Mach 2, USAF to Start Painting Planes with Rainbows

The USAF keeps pushing forward the race towards cleaner skies-and leaner warmachine and potential global mayhem costs-moving from pure oil-derived fuel to a mixture between oil and synthetic fuel. The new benchmark is not a B1 bomber, which they already put through its paces using a similar mix »8/22/08 7:54am8/22/08 7:54am, but a fighter jet:…


First Supersonic Flight with Synthetic Fuel Shows Air Force's True Treehugging Hippy Nature

This week the US Air Force achieved the first supersonic flight using alternative synthetic fuel, booming a B-1B Lancer over the White Sands Missile Range airspace in New Mexico without any problems. The supersonic strategic bomber, designed to deliver atomic weapons, will be able to start Armageddon at $30 to $50… »3/21/08 10:10pm3/21/08 10:10pm