The Best PCs You Can Build for $300, $600, and $1200

We’ve walked you through building your own computer before. In this post—which we’ll update periodically as prices and components change—we’ll walk you through the hardware we’ll need for three different system builds: a budget workstation, a powerful all-purpose PC, and an enthusiast’s system for gamers and… »8/19/15 7:52pm8/19/15 7:52pm


Wind Turbine Laser System Detects Gusts Before They Arrive

A startup company named 'Catch the Wind' has developed a product that could increase the efficiency of wind turbines by up to ten percent. Currently, wind turbines lose one percent of their operating efficiency for every degree that the blades are out of alignment with the oncoming wind. The 'Vindicator' fiber-optic… »11/06/08 1:30pm11/06/08 1:30pm

HP Exploring Shift to Linux in Order to Bypass Vista, Compete With Apple

According to Businesweek »9/12/08 1:40pm9/12/08 1:40pm, HP has been quietly working on two projects aimed at bypassing unpopular features in Vista and possibly competing with Apple down the line. The first involves developing software that modifies Vista to make it easier to use. That much has been confirmed. However, rumor has it that a second…

Sounger Vin 1/8 MP3 Violin Speaker System is Fiddle-Shaped, for Style

MP3 speakers play music, so they may as well look like a musical instrument: that seems to be the thinking behind the Sounger Vin 1/8 Violin Speaker System with amp. And before you dismiss the device as a gimmick, you need to know it's crafted from spruce and maple wood, each speaker is 20W and stands 19-inches tall… »8/08/08 6:08am8/08/08 6:08am