Standardized PC System Requirements Are Coming, Will Help Unify PC…

Kotaku says that the PC Gaming Alliance, a group of game developers and hardware makers, is working on building a standardized set of system requirements for PC gaming. » 4/27/09 2:20pm 4/27/09 2:20pm

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Program

We know what the official Vista requirements are now, so most of us are well informed and on our way to Best Buy. But isn't there an easier way to tell if your PC is Vista ready? Microsoft thought so, and they just released a Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor program that scans your machine to tell you whether it's Vista… » 5/19/06 3:40pm 5/19/06 3:40pm

Windows Requirements, Then and Now

Microsoft has finally released the official system requirements for its much anticipated (by some, anyway) next version of Windows, Vista. Surprisingly, the requirements aren't as steep as was previously rumored. Firstly, it's important to note that Microsoft announced two distinct levels of Vista support,… » 5/18/06 6:18pm 5/18/06 6:18pm