T-600 Is Menacing Even When You Can See Puppeteers Moving It

Stan Winston Schools has released other behind the scenes footage of the T-600 puppet from Terminator Salvation, but this gives a clearer sense of how the animatronics evolved and how important the materials are in any puppet. If it's not lightweight, but with the stability and feel of whatever it's representing, it… » 9/01/13 7:12pm 9/01/13 7:12pm

T-600 Is a Fantastic Backpack for Exterminating Mankind

T-600 is neither your average puppet nor your average backpack, but this quick little clip from Stan Winston Schools shows that he's pretty impressive for both. Who said puppets had to be cute? [Stan Winston School] » 6/29/13 9:00pm 6/29/13 9:00pm

Terrifying T-600 USB Drive Has Rhinestone Eyes of Doom

Based on the T-600 skin job from Terminator 4, this 2GB USB drive has eyes made of swanky Swarovski rhinestones. And like the USB Skull Rings (also from Solid Alliance), it'll be a limited edition run. » 8/21/09 4:04am 8/21/09 4:04am

Terminator: Salvation Toys Do Everything But Tear Down Aloof Lighting…

These upcoming Terminator: Salvation toys from Playmates won't turn you into a T-600, but the fist one will allow you to shoot a large, plastic projectile at things. And that's a win. » 2/15/09 6:00pm 2/15/09 6:00pm

Maxian T600 PMP With Divx, Xvid Support

Want a widescreen portable media player but can't wait for the iPod touchscreen? How about the Maxian T600 PMP, which has a 4" screen with 480x272 resolution backed up by a 30 GB hard disk. » 5/25/06 8:30am 5/25/06 8:30am