Terrifying GoPro video from tanks in Syria's war zone

Need a quick reminder as to why war should be avoided at all costs? Spend an hour in the driver's seat of a Syrian Army T-72 tank column as it spews destruction through Syria's Darayya warzone. Then watch the rebels destroying the tanks. Warning: Although you can't see the bodies, fighters on both sides are dying.… » 3/20/14 7:31pm 3/20/14 7:31pm

Soviet T-72 Tank vs Incrudo USB Flash Drive

Incrudo makes water-proof, shock-proof, scratch-proof, and apparently T-72B tank-proof USB flash drives out of pure titanium. And to prove it, the crazy Ivans pitted the key—which also has a special metal-ceramics composite on the front and back panels, as well as a real ruby that illuminates from the inside—against… » 5/15/08 10:00am 5/15/08 10:00am