T-Mobile Is Very Confused About Their New Pricing Plans Plan

A bit of news made the rounds yesterday, announcing two new unlimited plans from T-Mobile: The Even More Unlimited plan for $80/month (contract) and the Even More Plus Unlimited plan for $60/month (no contract). Then the official press release came out today making no mention of the Even More Plus plan. » 4/13/11 4:22pm 4/13/11 4:22pm


T-Mobile Pulling The Plug on Danger-Powered Sidekicks

If you still have a Sidekick phone running the Danger OS, its days of being a fully functioning device are numbered. After May 31, 2001, the data services provided by Danger will no longer be available, essentially neutering the internet-centric phone. If you were unaware, Danger is now owned by Microsoft. » 3/01/11 12:13am 3/01/11 12:13am