Your 3G T-Mobile Phone Will Be Useless After AT&T Annexes T-Mo's Cell Sites For 4G

It's a problem that's at least two years away, but AT&T has confirmed that 3G T-Mobile handsets won't be able to access the network once T-Mobile's towers are repurposed to drive AT&T's 4G LTE push. AT&T has indicated that they've built the cost of replacement phones into the acquisition, but still worth keeping in… »3/21/11 10:28am3/21/11 10:28am

T-Mobile's 3G Network Rolling Out May in NYC, Coincides With 3G HTC Touch Dual?

We've been waiting for 3G on T-Mobile longer than we've been waiting for The Police to get back together, and it looks like May will be the month that all this patience finally pays off. TmoNews is pegging the first launch to be in NYC, and spreading to the rest of the country's major cities throughout the rest of… »4/18/08 1:52pm4/18/08 1:52pm