Sensor Tray Lamp Is Pretty, Will Probably Never Hold My Stuff

Kazuya Koike's Sensor Tray Lamp, an ABS resin and polycarbonate tray which uses four LED lamps to light up when you put something on top, is one of those ideas that would be perfect if you were organized enough to always put your personal stuff on the same place. Knowing me, its cool design—available in sand white,… » 5/19/08 4:33am 5/19/08 4:33am

HTC Touch Diamond Gets Classy Desktop Dock, Headphones

The HTC Touch Diamond is pretty classy already, but this desktop cradle/desktop dock gives it a nice house on your desk for it to sleep and dock. From the looks of it, it's even got earbuds and a 3.5mm jack for you to connect to a set of speakers as well. The footprint looks slightly large compared to say, an iPhone… » 5/13/08 2:00pm 5/13/08 2:00pm

RollerTops Give Businessmen a Portable Laptop Tray, Ensure Trip is Only…

If you travel at least a little bit for work, you'll be interested in this RollerTop tray for your carry-on bag. It's a stand that hooks to the top of the handle on your roller bag, which folds out to give you a "stable" platform to put your laptop on. This way you can be checking email or surfing the net even when… » 5/15/07 7:30pm 5/15/07 7:30pm