Sony Vaio T Series Hands On: Dancing with Last Year's Prom Queen

Sony's new Vaio T ultrabook takes the Vaio line out of the weird limbo it had been in for the past few years, where it hadn't had a true, comprable laptop to the droves of hordes coming out. Though the Euro model of the T Series curiously came out in as Sandy Bridge, the US version will only come in i5 and i7 Ivy… »6/04/12 7:00am6/04/12 7:00am


Dealzmodo: Thinkpad Laptops and Tablets up to 50% Off at Lenovo Outlet

If you need a new laptop and you are pressed for cash, or you enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of values, the Lenovo outlet is having a firesale on new R, T, X and Z series laptops and X series tablets—many of which are being sold at 50% off. Who knows how long the deals will last, so you had better jump on 'em while… »3/12/08 6:30pm3/12/08 6:30pm

Gateway Introduces Colorful, HDTV-Friendly M-Series and T-Series Entertainment Laptops

Perhaps Gateway is not the PC powerhouse it once was, but its two new laptop lines, the M-Series and T-Series, show that it still has some fight in it. Make no mistake, these machines are HD savvy. They have HDMI outputs, optional discrete ATI graphics, your choice of Blu-ray or HD DVD optical drives and wireless N… »7/11/07 11:59pm7/11/07 11:59pm