Sony Vaio TT Is Real, Definitely Has Blu-ray and Huge SSD

Pretty much everything you read in yesterday's rumor posts about the Sony Vaio TT is true - the Blu-ray drive, 256 GB SSD, 2.87-pound weight and thickness under an inch. It also has an 11.1-inch, LED-backlit 16:9 LCD panel, Sprint EV-DO mobile broadband, and an HDMI port that outputs at 1080p resolution. » 9/23/08 8:00am 9/23/08 8:00am

Sub-3-Lb. Sony Vaio TT Rumored To Have Blu-ray Burner, 250GB SSD

According to leaks collected by Sony Insider » 9/22/08 2:05pm 9/22/08 2:05pm, that Sony Vaio TT is turning out to be one of the sweetest laptops we've ever not seen. A new spec sheet shows that the 2.87-lb. laptop will come in Champagne Gold, Crimson Red and Silk Black with respectable features, and then there will be a Premium Carbon Fiber Black,…

Sexy Sony Vaio TZ Is About To Be TT?

Sony Insider is reporting a well-founded rumor that the Vaio team will announce a new notebook tomorrow, a replacement to the super-sweet TZ » 9/21/08 5:30pm 9/21/08 5:30pm, now to be called TT. I don't know if that's an Audi reference or a boobie reference, but what I do know is that it will likely have wireless-N, Bluetooth and an EVDO option—no…

Imagine Hooking This HTPC Up to Your TV

As far as home theater PCs go, you would be hard-pressed to find a design more appealing than the TT concept HTPC from Omaura. The work seems to derive its inspiration from traditional speaker bars, but one look under the hood and you can see that this thing is pure PC. Unfortunately, imagining what it would be like is … » 12/10/07 8:00pm 12/10/07 8:00pm