SpeedModo: ~1Mbit EVDO Downloads with Sony's Sexxed Up Vaio TX…

We've had our mitts on Sony's TX — the first Cellular equipped laptop capable of DSL speeds — for a bit now. But this morning, Sprint upgraded their EVDO network to the faster, DSL speed Revision A standard. And this gorgeous little subnotebook sucked down cellular bits like I've never seen a WWAN chipset do. On… » 12/12/06 3:28pm 12/12/06 3:28pm

Sony TX N10 Series is First Laptop with Built-In EVDO Rev. A Data

Sony's pretty TX series was always a friend of ours—way before the little bastard got all high and mighty with its 800kbps Sprint EVDO Rev. A connection. Before it was the first laptop with that kind of ultra fast connection, the TX was just another ultralight from the block. We remember when all it had was that wimpy… » 9/26/06 9:00am 9/26/06 9:00am

Aqua FM TX Pro Snorkel For Underwater Communication and Dance

Do you have a communication problem? Do others say you just aren't listening? Chances are you're either a jerk, or you're underwater. If it's the latter, you can use the Aqua FM TX Pro so people on land can talk to you just fine. The active mouthpiece works when bit down on, transferring sound through your teeth and… » 8/24/06 9:38pm 8/24/06 9:38pm